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Are you charged with a vehicular manslaughter offense? If yes, then you may be facing mandatory penalties and may find it hard to get away from them. In such cases, it becomes critical to hire an attorney that will take the case in hand and seek out any opening for the defense while fighting aggressively.

At Arnold Law, we work with experienced criminal defense lawyers who are proficient in dealing with vehicular manslaughter cases for our Oregon clients. You can easily contact a Eugene attorney by calling 541-504-6348 to initiate the representation of your case.

Investigation is the key

Just because you were the one in the driver’s seat while a death occurred does not mean that you are guilty of vehicle homicide or manslaughter. In the majority of cases, police overlook crucial on-scene evidence and place unnecessary blame. By conducting a thorough investigation in your case, we will explore all opportunities to help you build your defense.

Our trial lawyers will try to carefully examine a client’s case from many perspectives and prepare a defense intended to fight the charges while working to minimize harmful consequences. We aim to take in to account major and minor evidence including the condition of the vehicle involved in the accident.

Our attorneys work with a wide network of accident reconstruction experts to analyze evidence involved in your case. In certain cases, we also deploy biomechanical specialists and passenger kinesiology experts to help in determining the exact cause of injuries.

How to chose an efficient Criminal Defense Attorney

Selecting a criminal defense attorney could be a difficult task. There are a few questions that you should ask of your attorney before hiring someone to fight your case:

  • When did you last attend a jury trial?
  • Do you have experience in cross-examining an accident reconstruction witness?
  • How much experience do you have in investigating death cases?

Our attorneys maintain regularity in attending jury trials throughout the year. We know our work and we aim to provide exceptional representation and personal attention to our clients.

Our in-house team consults with other attorneys and outside experts. We work with determination to find the best strategy for defending those accused of vehicular manslaughter.

Arnold Law – best for criminal defense

Being a former prosecutor, Mike Arnold has handled hundreds of DUI cases and he has vast experience in building a defense to counterattack prosecutors’ charges.
If you have a DUI case, you may need a professional and experienced DUI lawyer with knowledge of dealing with vehicular manslaughter cases. We try to work closely with our clients throughout the process while giving them the most effective representation we are able to.

Our experienced lawyers can provide guidance throughout the process of a DMV hearing and final trial. Contact Arnold Law online or call 541-504-6348 to schedule an appointment with an attorney who will handle your vehicular manslaughter case.

As a former prosecutor and a skilled criminal defense lawyer, attorney Mike Arnold has unparalleled experience and knowledge of investigations and prosecutions related to DUI cases. He has worked with numerous police officers and read thousands of DUI police reports involved in the special investigations of such cases.

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