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1st DUI Conviction
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A second DUI is considered an extremely serious offense in Oregon that could lead to numerous penalties. By hiring a drunk driving and drug lawyer that specializes in DUI related cases, your chances of avoiding penalties like license suspension and other serious consequences will be greatly improved.

At Arnold Law, we specialize in dealing with cases of repeat DUI offenders residing in Oregon. Contact us now or call us at 541-504-6348 to inquire about scheduling an initial consultation for your second DUI.

Alternatives for Repeat DUI Offenders

According to Oregon DUII laws, you are eligible to apply for the diversion program only once every 15 years. If you are experiencing a DUI charge for the second time in fifteen years, you are left with only a few options:

  • To settle your case with a guilty plea
  • Get a negotiated dismissal
  • Take the case to trial court

When you are found guilty of a second DUI offense, the government may suspend your license for a minimum time period of one year and a maximum period of your entire lifetime, depending on the number of convictions in the past. For instance, if you refuse to give a breath test, you will receive an Order of Suspension/Revocation along with a temporary DMV license which will be valid for 30 days from the date of your arrest. This is independent of a DUI criminal court sanction. The important thing to note here is that you have only 10 days to request a hearing to contest against the charges where you have the rights to be heard in an Administrative Hearing.

Taking advantage of a reputable DUI attorney during an administrative hearing is highly beneficial. Our lawyers work by listening to the other side’s testimony and gathering all related necessary information about the second DUI. We ensure that our investigations are done prior to the prosecutor’s meeting with the officer.

Benefits of Hiring our Attorneys

A good DUI attorney is able to strengthen the case by gathering witnesses’ statements while the circumstances are still fresh in their minds. A DUI attorney is likely to consider witness testimonies in order to get a detailed account of the situation which is often beneficial to your case.

At Arnold Law, our experts are deployed at your service to testify about the validity of your breathalyzer test if that’s an issue in your case. A breathalyzer test is the key evidence in many second DUI cases. Our team works with specialists who are capable of analyzing the results of your breathalyzer test and offer expert testimony.

Arnold Law – offering the best criminal defense

Mike Arnold serves as the firm’s lead litigation attorney and he has vast experience in building a strong defense against a prosecutor’s case.

At Arnold Law, we defend DUI charges and other serious driving offenses. We have been effectively doing this for a number of years and still counting. We practice developing close relations with our clients by giving them the information they need to incorporate informed decisions about their case.

Our expert attorneys working at Arnold Law work to help clients throughout the entire process from DMV hearing to final trial. For more information contact our firm online or call 541-504-6348 to hire an attorney who will fight your case.

Attorney Mike Arnold has experience in handling different types of DUI trials and he has examined hundreds of DUI police reports. He knows how a case is dealt with in the hands of local police and state prosecutors. Being an expert criminal defense lawyer, Mike will zealously investigate every aspect of your case and defend you regarding your serious DUI charges.

Contact a Eugene DUII Lawyer

For more information about how we might defend your case, contact a Eugene attorney online or call at 541-504-6348.

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