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Mike Arnold
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Mike Arnold Voted Best DUI Lawyer

Clients are Part of the Team

Mike Arnold leads the Arnold Law criminal practice team. Mike and the team’s philosophy is simple: prepare cases for settlement or dismissal by aggressively preparing for trial.

Mike views being a criminal defense lawyer as being a clearinghouse for information and the originator or facilitator of creative ideas. The beginning of a case is all about mastering the facts and figuring out solutions. This requires a strong leader for organizing the investigation; figuring out what fields of expertise are appropriate; vetting potential experts for competency, qualifications, and communication skills; developing the case strategy; and facilitating a team approach to litigation that includes all components of the team: the attorneys, Arnold Law staff, investigators, experts, and the client.

It is important to note that Mike views the client as an integral component of a team. “Everyone’s contribution to the team is important,” Arnold says. “I don’t care if an idea comes from an attorney, a Ph.D. in physics, or a high school educated client. All ideas are important. We will discuss it and use it to move the agenda forward,” says Arnold.

Mike’s Tenacity and Fearlessness

Mike and Jacy, his wife and business partner, both grew up in Missouri. They had instilled upon them since their youth the Midwestern ideal of hard work. This principle guided Mike through college at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, as he graduated summa cum laude while competing all over the country on Truman’s nationally-ranked rugby team.

They moved to Oregon in 1998 to attend the University of Oregon School of Law. While in law school, Mike clerked at the district attorney’s office, having a moderate-sized caseload that included frequent jury trials. He kept up his busy class schedule and caseload while traveling around the northwest with Eugene Rugby Football Club where he played various backline positions.

After graduating from Oregon, Mike continued to compete with Eugene Rugby Club. As he aged, he was eventually moved to the position of flanker, where his job duties were diminished to effectively one goal: run as hard and fast as he can at any opponent with the ball, and then pummel them. Then get up and do it again, and again.

Mike likes to think that he approaches trial with similar tenacity and fearlessness. However, he recognizes that instead of putting his own personal safety on the line like in a rugby match, in trial it’s his clients and their families at risk. Clients are risking their personal freedom and personal finances and putting both in the hands of the Arnold Law legal team. That’s why it’s Mike Arnold’s goal to keep clients informed of case developments and involve them in case strategy. While the government has its extensive resources on its side, Mike realizes that the only real power a client has is his word and his attorney. Mike and the Arnold Law legal team accept that responsibility understanding what the clients are entrusting them to do. Mike endeavors in every case to honor that trust and build a relationship with the client that is lasting and strong with the goal that it remains at least as strong if not stronger than the government’s case.

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