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Drunk driving is prosecuted vigorously in Eugene and the rest of Oregon. Prior DUI violations can cause advancement of your drunk driving charge to a felony. In such cases, you need a skilled and aggressive felony DUI attorney to fight the charges against you.

At Arnold Law, we serve our clients facing felony DUI charges residing in the localities of Eugene, Lane County and Western Oregon. Contact our attorneys online or call 541-504-6348 to schedule your first meeting with a member of our criminal defense practice team.

Consequences of Felony DUII

When you are convicted of a DUI felony, your drivers license is at risk of lifetime suspension. In addition, you may face potential prison time based on your criminal history. The prison time may vary from 90 days to minimum 30 days period as per the judicial laws stated under Measure 73. With a criminal conviction involved, there is a lot at risk for you. DUII is considered as a class C felony if the defendant has already been convicted two times in the past 10 years. In such a scenario, a prior diversion won’t be counted as a conviction and any subsequent offense will be considered as a felony.

Arnold Law at your service

Michael Arnold and the rest of the criminal defense practice team has extensive knowledge of dealing with DUI cases from both sides. They can build a strong defense case and vigorously defend your rights and interests.

A DUI felony can have adverse affects on your future jobs and educational prospects. At Arnold Law, our lawyers will investigate your case by gathering all evidence including video from the police car’s in-car video (ICV) and body cameras, as well as all witness statements.

Apart from fighting your case, we also provide professional counsel during the process of a DMV hearing and the final trial. Get in contact with our firm through our website or call us at 541-504-6348 to speak with an attorney who will start your case proceedings.

Attorney Mike Arnold is an Oregon trial lawyer who is well respected around the state. As a prosecutor he has worked with several Government agencies while investigating or reviewing thousands of DUI police reports. Being an experienced criminal defense lawyer, he is capable of working towards the goal of having your charges dismissed or reduced so you can move on with your life.

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Contact an attorney online or give us a call at 541-504-6348.

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