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Getting pulled over for driving under the influence of intoxicants for a DUI first offense can be frightening. If this is your first time working through the legal process in Oregon, you may be uncertain about what to expect, or you might be nervous about the consequences you are facing.

At Arnold Law, we work with clients throughout Eugene and Western Oregon to help minimize the consequences of a DUI first offense. Contact our firm online or call 541-504-6348 to schedule your initial consultation.

What to Do After Your First DUI Offense

If this is your first DUI offense, there are options available that can help you avoid conviction. One of the most common alternatives is DUI diversion. It takes an experienced lawyer’s help to determine if DUI diversion is right for you after your DUI first offense, and they can walk you through the process if it is.

At Arnold Law, we look at all aspects of a case to determine if evidence used against a client was properly obtained or if law enforcement acted against the rules or constitutional rights. If the evidence was obtained illegally, we may be able to get a case thrown out completely.

Understanding DUI Diversion

Diversion requires a time and money commitment. You must pay the diversion fees, the attorney fees and take classes. In addition, you also have to attend a victim impact panel, in which you listen to the stories of DUI accident survivors.

The most important aspect of a diversion program is staying clean and adhering to the DUI diversion agreement. If you follow the diversion agreement, your case will be dismissed and your record remains clean of a crime conviction. The diversion, however, remains on your record.

To learn more about protecting yourself after your DUI first offense, Contact our firm online or call 541-504-6348 to talk with our staff or schedule a consultation with an experienced Oregon lawyer.

We Understand Both Sides of the DUI Process

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, the most important thing you can do is hire an experienced attorney to help you fight the charges. Attorney Mike Arnold is a former prosecutor; he has a good understanding of both sides of the DUI process.

Mike Arnold knows how the prosecution will prepare their case. He works closely with clients to build a strong opposition, anticipating possible arguments the state might bring. He advises clients about the questions prosecutors might ask and the best way to prepare for cross-examination.

Hire a Skilled DUII Defense Attorney

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