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In Oregon, you may be charged for DUI for being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances or a combination of the two. Drug DUIIs are highly technical to investigate, prosecute and defend. Your attorney must be familiar with the DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) process. Oregon case law requires several steps be met before a DRE opinion is admissible.

At Arnold Law Office, we represent repeat Drug DUI offenders throughout Eugene and Western Oregon. Contact our firm online or call 541-632-3844 for an initial phone consultation.

Benefits of Working With an Attorney

Hiring legal help quickly also allows the lawyer to gather witness statements while the circumstances are still fresh in the witness’s minds. Witness testimonies can be very helpful to a case, and having a more accurate and detailed account of the situation is often beneficial to your case.

An experienced lawyer can also employ an expert witness to testify to the validity of the intoxilyzer test. At Arnold Law Office, we have experts that we routinely use, and they are fair and respected former law enforcement individuals. Intoxilyzers are not as reliable as the state would like you to believe, and it is often important to have expert testimony.

Arnold Law Office for Your Defense

Attorney Michael Arnold, is a former prosecutor and has handled hundreds of DUI cases on both sides. He knows how the State builds their cases, allowing him to build a defense to attack those arguments.

When you hire a DUI lawyer, you want to work with someone who has experience with DUI cases, trials and juries. At Arnold Law Office, our lawyers fight aggressively on behalf of our clients. We work closely with clients throughout the process, giving them the information they need to make informed decisions about their case.

We offer sound legal counsel throughout the process &mdash from the DMV hearing to final trial. Contact our firm online or call 541-632-3844 to schedule an appointment with an attorney who will fight on your behalf.

Attorney Mike Arnold is a former prosecutor. He has handled dozens of DUI trials. He has read thousands of DUI police reports and has in-depth knowledge of the issues in your DUI case. As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, he will work hard to defend you from these charges

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