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If you are facing serious Drug DUI charges in Oregon, you need to look for a criminal defense attorney that has the experience required to properly defend your case. An attorney dealing with such types of cases must be familiar with the DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) process. Oregon case laws often require several steps to be accomplished before a DRE opinion is admissible.

In Oregon, you may be charged for DUI for being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Drug DUIs require a highly technical approach to examine, prosecute and defend you from judiciary charges.

At Arnold Law, we work with our Eugene, Lane County and Western Oregon clients who are charged with first time or repetitive Drug DUI offenses. Take advantage of our services by contacting us online or calling us at 541-504-6348 for an initial consultation.

Benefits of Working with an Attorney

When dealing with serious cases of drug DUI, it becomes essential for a defendant to look into legal help for acquiring witnesses properly. Witness testimonies can be of great help in getting an accurate and detailed account of the situations involved in the client’s case.

Our experienced lawyers sometimes employ an expert witness to testify to the validity of your breathalyzer test. We call on individuals who are experts in examining the key evidence related to the breathalyzer tests conducted by police.

Arnold Law – The Ultimate Solution for Your Defense Preparation

Michael Arnold is an ex-prosecutor with years of experience in drug DUI cases. He knows how to build a strong defense to counter prosecutors’ sharp arguments.

With the collective team efforts of the attorneys working at Arnold Law Firm, your controlled DUI charges can be attacked from many angles and with several possible techniques. We try to maintain our clients’ innocence when this strategy is possible. We work in accordance with our clients’ needs and requirements while providing them regular information which may help them to make decisions regarding their case.

If you are facing drug charges and looking for the sound advice of an experienced lawyer, you can contact our firm online or call us at 541-504-6348 to get in touch with an attorney who will fight on your behalf.

Attorney Mike Arnold is an experienced former prosecutor. He takes great pride in helping get his clients’ life back on track. Mike is one of the most popular criminal defense lawyers in the county and he recognizes the emotional toll criminal charges can take on his clients. He is efficient in working hard to defend your case aiming for the best possible results.

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