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At Arnold Law in Eugene, Oregon, our attorneys pride themselves in offering excellent legal counsel based on years of expertise and experience in defending criminal cases. When dealing with criminal offenses, you deserve a lawyer who takes your case as his or her top priority. When you approach our firm, you can be assured of dealing with an experienced team of reputable attorneys focused on achieving results in your favor.

Our team comprises of professional trial lawyers as well as a few experienced former prosecutors who are capable of building a strong defense. With a perfect blend of extensive investigation skills and substantial trial experience, we carefully incorporate trial strategies suited to the demands of each particular case.

We are regularly active in both state and federal courts. Due to our combined experience, we are able to offer sound legal counsel in the fields of:

  • Trial preparation
  • Trial strategy
  • Litigation strategies in complex cases
  • Counsel for DUI offenses

When you hire the services of Arnold Law Firm, we will assign you a trial attorney who, after reviewing the case, will assess the prospects and risks while formulating an effective defense strategy for your case.

We aim to work closely with our clients to keep them informed about the status of the case which involves them in discovery and trial strategy decisions. While the majority of our clients hire us to respond to an emergency case, we also can develop preventative methods to help them avoid any future litigation. Furthermore, our firm is efficient in establishing follow-up procedures to ensure compliance with the help of straight-talking legal counsel.

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Working from Arnold Law located in Eugene, our attorneys are able to find effective solutions to our clients’ problems, whether they are facing criminal investigations or state or federal prosecutions. Our attorneys have the experience and the initiative to meet our client’s defense preparation needs which sometimes helps them succeed in getting relieved from criminal charges. We invite you to further explore our attorneys that take DUI cases by clicking on their name below to view their profile and achievements.

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