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Drunk driving charges can be overwhelming and making the best of your attorney choice is key. Whether you are in trouble for your first offense or you have been pulled over numerous times, the consequences are rarely minor. Although an attorney may not be able to have every charge dropped from your record, a skilled lawyer can help minimize the consequences. In a case where you are wrongly accused, make the best of your DUII attorney choice.

At Arnold Law Office we represent clients throughout Western Oregon who are facing DUI charges. Contact a Eugene DUI DWI attorney at our firm online or call 541-632-3844 for an initial phone consultation.

Defense for First Time and Repeat Offenders

Our attorneys kw thano otur clients are concerned about their future. It does not matter if you are facing your first, second or third DUI offense or if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL); drunk driving charges can negatively impact your future.

We take the time to explain your options and the consequences each choice could have on your future. Our lawyers offer strong representation for all parts of the DUI process, including:

We Understand Both Sides of the DUI Process

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, the most important thing you can do is hire an experienced attorney to help you fight the

charges. Attorney C. Michael Arnold is a former prosecutor; he has a good understanding of both sides of the DUI process.

Mike Arnold knows how the prosecution will prepare their case. He works closely with clients to build a strong opposition, anticipating possible arguments the state might bring. He advises clients about the questions prosecutors might ask and the best way to prepare for cross-examination.

Hire a Skilled Corvallis and Albany Criminal Defense Attorney

Contact a Benton County drunk driving defense lawyer at our firm online or call 541-632-3844 to schedule your initial telephone consultation. Credit cards are accepted and flat fees are available.

Why Choose Our Trial Lawyers?

  • Our lawyers actually try cases
  • A lawyer ranked one of the best in Oregon
  • A retired circuit court judge and former judicial clerks.
  • Trial experience in multiple Oregon counties
  • A former Eugene city prosecutor and former deputy district attorney
  • jury trial experince in fedreal, state, & municipal courts
  • Cutting edge use of the Northwest's best expert witnesses in criminal, family law, & civil litigation

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