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Eugene DUI Defense Attorneys — Arnold Law

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Individuals who are facing DUI charges in Eugene, Oregon must secure legal guidance and representation from an efficient criminal defense firm. There are numerous penalties related with a DUI offense in Oregon including significant fines, jail time, and drivers license suspension. You have rights and they should be protected—with the help of a skilled DUI lawyer.

Through scientific reconstructions and expert witnesses, the DUI attorneys of Arnold Law have made significant strides in defending clients against DUII charges both in Eugene, Oregon and many other counties of Western and Southern Oregon. If you are looking for a DUI lawyer, consider that our DUI attorneys attempt to get charges reduced or dropped when possible in Oregon courts.

At Arnold Law, our years of experience and our proven results have made us the right choice for clients requiring a capable DUI lawyer throughout Oregon. You can easily approach us by contacting our firm online to reach our Eugene, Oregon based DUII, DWI, DUI attorneys, or call 541-504-6348.

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